For lost or broken teeth, implants are the closest you can get to the feel and function of a natural tooth. An implant is a dental post placed into the bone of your jaw by a specialist. In spite of how it sounds, this is a more or less painless procedure and many patients forego anesthesia entirely. Doctors will work with nervous patients, however, to determine the best numbing agent for your treatment.

Implants are beneficial for any patient with a missing or broken tooth, as they’re less invasive than a bridge and do more to maintain function and aesthetics than dentures. When a tooth is missing, the gap can cause the bone in the jaw to naturally recede over time. However, with an implant in place, the bone is activated and will stay strong and healthy.

Dr. Sandhu works in tandem with local specialists. After they place the post, she’ll take impressions of the gap and place the permanent crown. Placement of the crown involves attaching it to the already secure post, so it is a painless final step before you are as good as new. Success rates for implants are more than 95%, and check-ups with Dr. Sandhu every six months allow her to monitor the healing process and overall condition of the implant, stopping any potential problems before they start.