Orthodontics in Chicago

Crowns and veneers are minimally-invasive restorations used to treat damaged or irregular teeth. Dr. Sandhu is specially trained to place both crowns and veneers, working at all times with both aesthetics and function in mind.

A veneer is a more conservative option, as it is placed on the front of a tooth and can be placed without any work being done to the surrounding teeth. Veneers are great for irregularly-sized or discolored teeth, or as a minimally-invasive alternative to minor orthodontic treatments.

A crown is a more substantial restoration, wrapping all the way around the tooth and sitting on top of it like a cap. Crowns are great for back teeth used for biting or tearing. They can be used to cover cracked teeth or to replace an older, larger filling.

Two appointments with Dr. Sandhu are required for the placement of either a crown or a veneer. The first appointment is roughly an hour long and consists of prepping the area, taking impressions, and building a temporary for the time between visits. Your second visit, consisting of the placement of the permanent, should only take half an hour or so. With proper maintenance and regular check-ups with Dr. Sandhu, your restorations can last for many years.