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Clear Aligners Near Me in Chicago IL

Clear aligner therapy is a series of dental appliances formed to the shape of someone’s teeth, and they slowly improve appearance and function. They are popular because they can do many things traditional orthodontics can do more discreetly or conveniently.

Clear aligners have a lot that you cannot find in conventional braces: for instance, there are some cases where clear alignment would be better than both traditional braces as well as something else altogether! 

However, it is not necessarily always advised to use this form of treatment- sometimes an individual might need more therapeutic methods like those found with braces instead.

How clear aligner therapy help

Clear aligners offer many of the same benefits as traditional (wire and bracket) orthodontic treatment, including straight teeth, improved bite function, and aesthetic appearance. Plus they also offer some unique benefits that a traditional orthodontics system may not. 

Aligners, similar to traditional braces in the fact that they are designed to move teeth a little at a time, are created by using orthodontists’ diagnostic records including x-rays and photographs. The orthodontist works within their aligner software which helps them design your smile and plan the treatment process – guiding teeth into healthy positions. 

It is important that you have an extensive knowledge of what options exist for appliances because it will determine what appliance is best suited for your needs as well as how quickly you can improve/move on from any current dental problems (ie: less painful).

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